2 Year Blogiversary

Britt's Blurbs

Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of Britt’s Blurbs.
(I was a little too busy travelling to acknowledge it!)

I can’t believe it’s been that long since I launched the blog but it also seems time has just have flown by.

I started this blog back in college when I began to focus on my health after losing control of my eating and exercising. I was also diagnosed with IBS and irregular digestive contractions. I discovered a love of cooking whole foods and wanted a way to document my journey to healing my gut nutritionally as well as sharing with my peers that living a healthy lifestyle in college does not have to be hard.

Since then my passion of sharing clean recipes has grown exponentially. I get so much joy in teaching others about the power of real food and the positive impact that clean eating has on your entire life. I strive to live a happy life full of balance. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be stressful even in our busy world and I aim to document that philosophy as honestly as possible through ‘the blurbs’.

Not only have my passions continued to grow over the years through the blog but ‘the blurbs’ has also grown itself. Thanks to you, my amazing readers, who give me great feedback, fuel my fire for my passion and provide a positive environment for healthy living enthusiasts to communicate.

This blog has grown from a crazy idea to my deepest passion. I am now a Healthy Living Blogs Member, a FitFluential Ambassador and a member of the Atlanta Food Blogger’s Society. As long as I keep ‘blurbin’ on here my dreams will keep growing. I have so many ideas (of course) racing through my head for this blog moving forward and I hope I am blessed enough to apply my hard work ethic to achieve them.

People often ask me why I blog, why I put so much time into it, etc.

Well, I do it for that email that thanks me for being so real in my approach to living a healthy lifestyle. For that email that says because of me, they’ve been inspired to start making the small steps towards a healthier life, to start food prepping and choosing healthier options when they dine out. For that comment that says my healthy recipe was delicious and it won a crowd over. I do it because I love seeing people learn about the power of what they’re eating and how it makes them feel better.

Life’s too short to throw it away because of poor nutrition. Eating clean lets us live our life to the fullest extent.

So thanks for making these past two ‘blurbin’ years the best!
I’m looking forward to many, many more with you reading by my side.

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  • Brittany L

    Yayyy happy blogiversary! Love your blog girl<3

    • Brittany

      Thank you!! I am so happy you are back to blogging!! Since I’m down in Georgia now I need to find my way to Florida so we can have a little blogger meet up! Xoxo

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