2014 Year In Review

WOW. Can you believe 2014 is already almost over?! What a year it’s been.

I look at 2014 as a year of growth for me. No major changes in my life but lots of personal growth. In 2013 I started my own business (B. Social LLC which I’m currently not side consulting anymore), moved to Georgia, started a full-time career and met B. In 2014 I’ve had the opportunity to grow in my career path, learn and explore more of Georgia and grow in my relationship with B.

Britt's Blurbs Year In Review


Here on ‘The Blurbs’ it’s also been a year of growth. The blog got a major make-over in the beginning of the year, my passion for sharing nutritious easy-to-make recipes has grown, readership has increased exponentially, I was accepted as a FitFluential Ambassador, mentioned in Atlanta’s Jezebel Magazine as a favorite local food blogger, I’ve worked with some amazing brands, attended Atlanta’s Tech Munch Food Blogger Conference and my passions have expanded into tackling some DIY/home decor projects.

I thought it’d be fun to break down some of my favorite posts from the year. The posts under the subheadings are ranked from earlier in the year to most recent.

Favorite Recipes:

2014 Favorite Recipes via Britt's Blurbs

Favorite Nutrition/ Tips n’ Tricks Posts:

Favorite Nutrition/Tips n' Tricks Posts via Britt's Blurbs

Favorite Fitness Posts:

Favorite Fitness Posts via Britt's Blurbs

Favorite Adventures/Trips/Weekends:

Favorite Adventures/Travels/Weekends via Britt's Blurbs

Favorite Blurbs/Highlights/Accomplishments:

2014 Favorite Blurbs/Highlights via Britt's Blurbs

Favorite Projects/DIY Posts:

2014 Favorite Projects/DIY Posts via Britt's Blurbs


What a year, what a year. I am so so blessed. Thank you as always for reading the blurbs and making this hobby possible! XOXO

  • Brandi

    I can’t wait to go through these posts and read the ones I missed. Especially the recipes 🙂
    You put a lot of work into this post!

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