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As I mentioned Friday, I attended the Atlanta Street Food Festival Saturday with a friend.

The festival overall was a nice event for Atlanta! And it was packedddd. I’m glad we got there early because as the day went on the lines for the food trucks got pretty long.

Atlanta Street Food Festival Recap | Britt's Blurbs Atlanta Street Food Festival Recap | Britt's Blurbs

One downside of the festival was that participants had to first buy a wristband then they had to pay for whatever items they purchased at the food trucks.

If they were going to do that the festival should have asked the food trucks to prepare custom menus for this event with smaller portions at lower prices so people could try many different things. It’s pretty expensive to try multiple items.

Atlanta Street Food Festival Recap | Britt's Blurbs Atlanta Street Food Festival Recap | Britt's Blurbs

I decided to start out with the Coconut Fried Chicken to taste a tropical spin on a southern favorite. This again was a large portion. I would have been fine with two pieces of chicken and less slaw & rice. However, it was delicious! The breading wasn’t too thick and the mango slaw paired so well with the chicken. I need to recreate this dish!

One of my favorite vendors wasn’t even a food one, it was a bathroom! I know, I know. Crazy. And it seems silly to pay to use the bathroom when there’s porta-johns for free but Nuloo is TOTALLY worth it. For a full day access of $4 it definitely paid for itself.

Atlanta Street Food Festival Recap | Britt's Blurbs

There are four stalls for the women’s side complete with flushing toilets, fresh deodorizer, a basket of lady essentials in case you need them, running water, mirrors and AIR CONDITIONING. It was 94 degrees Saturday afternoon so just the fact that you could take a bathroom break, cool down a bit and refresh your make-up was totally worth it! Plus I absolutely hate porta-johns.

After checking out the menus on all the trucks I decided I couldn’t stomach anything too hot since it was scorching out.

Atlanta Street Food Festival | Britt's Blurbs

We decided to try these baked oysters! They were pretty good but I was kind of hoping they were going to be topped with crispy bread crumbs. Nevertheless, something fun that I would never make at home!

Lindsey told me I had to try King of Pops. It’s a local Popsicle vendor that makes homemade popsicles out of fresh, natural ingredients!

Atlanta Street Food Festival Recap | Britt's Blurbs

Lindsey got the peach popsicle and I got the key lime pie! I love how mine came with a graham cracker in the middle too. It was delicious and so creamy! Perfect for a hot summer day!

Atlanta Street Food Festival Recap | Britt's Blurbs

Overall the festival was a nice event to try new dishes you could never get in a restaurant. It’s also a great day activity to take the kids out too because they had bands playing, carnival rides and a rock climbing wall.

If you’re looking for another fun festival to attend this summer, the Atlanta Seafood and Craft Beer Festival is coming Saturday, August 9th from 12pm-8pm in Piedmont Park. ASCF will highlight Atlanta’s best seafood restaurants, food trucks and local brews!

Hope you all have a great Monday!

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