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Happy errr—Monday/Tuesday?!

Time to get back to the working grind. However, this week shall be short & sweet because I have a friend coming into town Thursday evening to visit! Words cannot describe how excited I am!

Although I love visiting home, spending time relaxing with family & friends, and enjoying treats I would never make for myself, it will be nice to get back to a schedule again. I seem to have a problem staying focused on my workouts or healthy eating while I’m “out of my element” so to speak. Now I completely agree with treating myself every once in awhile but there’s adifference from that and slacking from my typical routine.


This past weekend the Tone It Up Drop Ten Plan finished and although I think I did a great job sticking to it, I could have easily pushed myself a little more. I feel as though the last two weeks on the plan I slacked on the effort I put into the exercises. In order to keep myself motivated and training for the Iron Girl race I need to create or follow a difinitive training plan for the rest of the summer. I have a 12 week training plan provided by Iron Girl for the duathlon but since my race isn’t until September; I need something to bridge the gap.

Currently these are my ideas:

  • Create my own plan (with the help of my friend who’s an Ironman Athlete)- incorporating Tone It Up Moves and Endurance training, for 7 weeks, then the Iron Girl training plan
  • Follow the Live Fit training plan but modify it to incorporate endurance training, then the Iron Girl training plan
  • Stretch out the 12 week Iron Girl plan by repeating certain weeks


For those of you who have trained for races, I would love feedback! I’ve never done any type of race before so I want to find a plan that is fun, motivating and pushes me to work my hardest!

In the meantime, I’m realizing I need to adjust my eating habits a bit as well. I’ve read a few articles lately that discussed how even though someone may eat healthy, they can still “overeat”, so to speak.  Today most jobs are desk positions where you sit all day long staring at a computer screen. We burn far less calories today than our ancestors because our jobs are less labor intensive. However, we are consuming far more calories than they did.

I certainly fall guilty of this. I have a desk job where I’m sitting for around 6 and a half hours per day, give and take breaks. During the school year I’m also sitting a majority of my day in classrooms, lecture halls or organization meetings. Even though it’s the summer now and I’m walking or biking every night and working out in the mornings, I still sit far too long and consume more calories than my body needs. Long of the short, this isn’t a “diet” because I DO NOT believe in those, I just need to clean up my habits.

Here’s my plan:

  • Watch my portion & serving sizes
  • Measure out my food
  • Slow down while eating
  • Drink lots of H20

Hopefully by re-evaluating myself it will be easier to find my “happy calorie medium”.

There’s my rant. I’m getting back on track with my training, eating and more importantly LIVING HEALTHY! We all slip up sometimes but it takes courage to realize it and figure out how to get back on track. So here I go!


XOXO. Britt

Are you following any good training plans you could recommend?

How do you get yourself mentally back on track?

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