Werk It Out & Banana Bread Dough Balls

Banana Bread Dough Balls are a tasty treat and fueling snack to keep you powered through the day.

Banana Bread Dough Balls | Britt's Blurbs

Okay, these guys have been my saving grace lately.

So easy, peasy. Anyone can do it! I know food “balls” have been a popular thing in the blogosphere but this really doesn’t require a recipe.

Just a few simple steps:

  • Soak 1 cup unsweetened organic banana slices in a bowl with some water (enough so all the chips are immersed) for about 10 minutes
  • Drain the water off the chips
  • Combine the chips in a food processor with 3/4 cup walnuts and 1/4 cup oat flour
  • Blend until “dough” is formed
  • Roll into balls
  • Store them in the fridge!

You can always increase the “recipe” to make more to have throughout the week. This makes about 12 balls…. save your giggles please.

Now that I’ve dabbled with your snacking tooth and funny bone I will leave it at that.

Have a good day!

XOXO. Britt

What are your gym pet peeves?

I’ve already noticed the meat heads getting in my way in the weight area… WHY DO THEY WORK OUT SO EARLY? I was surprised to see so many at such an early time!

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  • Christine@ Apple of My Eye

    Hahah I swim like a dog too! I automatically switch to doggy-paddling even if I’m trying to swim like a normal person. Woof 😉

  • Meredith

    Where do you get 1 cup unsweetened organic banana slices?

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