BBB Week 1 & Mini-Goals Review

I started Best Body Bootcamp Round 4 the same time I started new goals & a new life for myself. All of this channeled together created an extreme amount of enthusiasm for me.

That enthusiasm is still going strong and week one was overall a major success.


–> I also document this all on my daily workout page

Full-body strength intervals with 5 minute runs in between each set.
40 minute elliptical interval with ab work
Treadmill interval. Full-body strength sets.
40 minute treadmill interval with ab work
Full-body strength intervals with 5 minute runs in between each set.
30 min cardio bike. 1 & 1/2 hour yoga class.
Rest day

I’m making a come-back for more yoga along with #BBB! I have an unlimited 30-day pass at the local Yoga Roots studio so I plan to aim for at least 2-3 classes a week.

Overall I thought this weeks plan was great and incorporated some moves I haven’t used in awhile. After I finished a few of the sets I felt as though I could have increased my weights so that’s what I will be focusing on in week 2. I also feel I can increase my speed in the intervals for week 2.


Eats Review | Britt's Blurbs

  • I aimed to eat at least one large salad full of plenty of vegetables, proteins and healthy grains and stuck to that very easily. I love salads!
  • I do need to work on incorporate more vegetables earlier into my day to provide natural energy and nutrients to fuel my day. I will work on trying to juice more in the mornings in between breakfast & lunch.
  • My mindless munching and snacking is still getting the best of me so I need to keep track of that more.
  • I also need to pick up some new protein powder to make protein shakes to refuel quickly after my training sessions.

I worked hard this week to document my eats in a notepad but by the end of the week that notepad was stacked under piles of paper on my desk. Therefore, I realized I need a new option.

I’ve tried My Fitness Pal before and after Tina’s review today decided to download the app to help me keep track of my eats for the next week. I always have my phone on me so this will come in handy especially when travelling. Plus the app calculates the calories for the foods you enter and lets you document your workouts as well. A handy tool to help you reach your health goals! If you use it add me as a friend so we can keep each other accountable for our goals!–> username: bblurbs

{Other Goals}

Water Intake: 
Going well! I’m constantly lugging my water bottle with me everywhere but I think it will help once I start document my glasses in My Fitness Pal too!

Aiming for 8 & 1/2 hours during the week since I have a bit more time. During school I use to get maybe 7 hours a night. I’m noticing how much better I feel on 8+!

Keeping that smile on my face. Effort can only take me so far, the rest is all about attitude! Every day is a new day to keep striving for all of my goals!

Attitude | Britt's Blurbs

XOXO. Britt

Anyone else doing Best Body Bootcamp/new workout plans? How are your new year goals coming?




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