Crock-Pot Zucchini Pasta Bake

Crock-pot zucchini pasta bake is a hearty entree using up fresh zucchinis.

I think I found a new best friend. The kind that never leaves. Always cooks for you. Makes any day better.

Crock-pot, never leave my side.

What would I do without it? Seriously, it keeps SAVING my life this semester. And as much as I love my friends, I doubt I’d come back to my apartment to find them cooking a dinner that’s all ready for me.

To view the updated recipe: CLICK HERE

I came up with this great combination Sunday afternoon before I headed off to a group meeting. Walking back into my place I was greeted with THE BEST aroma! Helloooo dinner.

This is super easy, satisfying, and a great one-dish dinner on a cold fall night!

This made about 6 large servings for me so I was able to freeze the remainder for other quick meals throughout the week!

XOXO. Britt

What’s your favorite crock-pot dinner?


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  • Nina

    Re: Slow cooker entree pasta zucchini
    Do you boil (cook) the penne or put in crock pot UNCOOKED?.

  • caren

    I was skeptical of the time and, all would be cooked evenly.. yum and, thanks for a super simple slow cook idea. The reason I say idea is, that all cooks should take a recipe as an idea, there to inspire. I am vegan and, merchandising the idea to fit your tastes and diets. Mine turned out fab!

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