DIY Distressed Tabletop

Every few weeks I go through this “I MUST DIY EVERYTHING PHASE.” Pinning ideas like crazy and thinking I’m crafty wonder woman and can pull it all off.

My knack for DIY projects is steadily growing and every once in a while I surprise myself with how well they turn out. That is, of course, with a serious of unfortunate events along the way and unforeseen circumstances. Remember months ago when I started helping B redo his laundry room? Yeah well we’re ALMOST done.. a few bumps along the way that we didn’t expect… but I’ve come to learn that’s COMPLETELY normal when taking on projects by yourself. (I’ll make sure to show the progress on that room soon.)

DIY Distressed Tabletop

Last week I decided I needed to spice up my food photography props here for ‘the blurbs’ so I started researching ideas on how to make a distressed tabletop to shoot my meals on. I came across this great tutorial and loved that it’s made using homemade/natural stains! Follow that tutorial for the full list of instructions.

Basically I went to Home Depot and bought an 8 ft. 1 by 6 board and had them cut it into 4 2ft. sections. I distressed the wood by hitting it with a chain, using a box cutter to cut the sides, shaving the sides with a wood shaver and hitting it with a hammer. My neighbors probably loved me.

I then let about 6 bags of black tea steep then painted the tea on the boards. I let 2 steel wool pads sit in apple cider vinegar over night then painted a few coats onto the boards. My boards became darker than the tutorial because I used more coats than necessary but I ended up really liking the way they turned out!

DIY Distressed Tabletop

I let them dry over night and decided not to coat them with mineral oil for right now because I didn’t have any and didn’t want to make another trip! I’ll probably do that in the near future to help seal the wood.

DIY Distressed Tabletop

I loved the way they turned out so much I decided to do another set but in white.

I painted this one with 1-2 coats of the stain first, then let it dry completely. After it was dry I lightly brushed on white paint. I only did about 1-2 coats of paint as well. Then the next day I distressed the wood using the same distressing tools I used for the first boards.

DIY Distressed Tabletop


I thought this process was actually pretty easy after I got the hang of it and loved the naturally distressed look of the boards. I have a few house DIY projects that I’ve been wanting to try using distressed wood so I will probably apply this concept to those!

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