DIY: Ikea Dresser Transformation


DIY--Ikea-Dresser-Transformation | Britt's Blurbs

Many of you have asked me to list out the steps on how to complete the Ikea dresser transformation I did two weeks ago, so I thought I’d share with you in a super easy tutorial!

DIY Ikea Dresser Transformation | Britt's Blurbs

Ikea sells many pieces of furniture unfinished- you can find some examples here on their website. It’s pretty expensive to buy a stained wood furniture pieces, especially those that will fit the color theme of your house. So instead of breaking the bank on all new furniture, buy some individual pieces and stain them to match your style!

Tools/Items Needed:

  • Minwax Stain
  • Old Rag (one or two)
  • Screwdriver
  • Polyurethane
  • New Knobs

Prepare the dresser to be stained by removing all the drawers and removing the knobs. Simply unscrew those from the back. You can save the knobs if you’d like but I recommend buying inexpensive new ones to match your style! I’d also suggest placing an old tarp/paint cloth on the ground to do your project on. 

For the stain, I used Minwax’s Early American (affiliate link) and Dark Walnut. I first dipped an old rag in the early american stain and whipped it all over the drawers.

Next. I dipped the other side in the dark walnut to apply a thin layer to the top of the early american stain. You can really customize the color stain you want. Play around with the colors by using a piece of scrap wood and staining sections different colors.

When using a rag to apply the stain make sure to get all the little spots. Sometimes it’s easier to miss those than if you were using a brush. 

DIY: Ikea Dresser Transformation | Britt's Blurbs

I didn’t do any extra distressing to this dresser. There’s a natural distressed look once the stain dries due to the way different pieces of wood are put together to make this dresser.

Make sure the stain dries completely. Then apply a coat of polyurethane to seal the wood.

The last part is the fun part! Go on the hunt for some unique knobs that will match your decor style. You can find them in an antique mall, Home Depot/Lowes, Hobby Lobby, etc. I found mine at Hobby Lobby and they were even 50% off! Hooray! Now just screw in the new knobs, put the drawers back in and you have yourself a new dresser!

DIY: Ikea Dresser Transformation | Britt's Blurbs

Let me know if you give this easy and fun DIY project a try!

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