Fun Five Friday

A collection of my favorite posts/pins/tweets from 5 of my favorite categories I have found over the past week. Plus a few fun random blurbs, obviously.

1. Food–>

Food Round-Up | Britt's Blurbs

2. Fitness–>

Fitness Round-Up | Britt's Blurbs

3. Fashion/Beauty–>

Fashion/Beauty Round-Up | Britt's Blurbs

  • These pants. Oh my gosh I need them. They look so comfy yet professional enough for work!
  • I’m throwing the towel in on my bangs. Yep, I’ve decided. Time to grow em’ out. I’m over the hassle!
  • Hey Georgia Shoppers–> It’s tax free weekend! Mostly this is aimed at families with kiddos heading back to school but it’s also the time for us grown-ups to stock up on some new items for a fall wardrobe!
  • Double Ponytail–> Love it for the office!
  • 14 Easy Ways to Step-Up Your Summer Style–>Because as much as I wish fall was right around the corner. We still have summer for awhile here in the south!

4. Faith–>

....because if you don't train your mind to see it, you might miss what treasures are hidden in the hard stuff.

Yes yes yes.

5. Fun–>

looks like a boy in my year. Looks like hes small but knows way too much for his age. Im not saying he does! cute

  • Happy Friday! How could you not smile at that adorable puppy face?!
  • Here I go again with another DIY project! I’m making a prop table top for my food photography!
  • Have you seen the video going around this time?… The Universal Hot Crazy Matrix. It’s pretty funny but I’d love to see a woman make one for guys!!
  • Happy August guys! WAIT what?! How is that possible already?!
  • That’s all for today folks! Have an active and great weekend!


  • Tarah @ Seeds of Clarity

    NEED those pants!! Sometimes JCP has some good finds! Looking forward to seeing your next DIY project 🙂

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