Fun Five Friday

A collection of my favorite posts/pins/tweets from 5 of my favorite categories I have found over the past week. Plus a few fun random blurbs, obviously.

1. Food–>

Pickled Radishes and Golden Beets via Britt's Blurbs

2. Fitness–>

Fitness Round-Up | Britt's Blurbs

3. Fashion/Beauty–>

Fashion/Beauty Round-Up | Britt's Blurbs

4. Faith–>


Faith | Britt's Blurbs

5. Fun–>

Fun Round-Up | Britt's Blurbs

  • Think Spring! YES. I’m itching for Spring here in the south and I’m sure all my Northern friends are as well! Love this printable.
  • B and I are getting SOOOO excited for our vacation to Colorado in May!! Ekk! Can’t wait! Not only am I going to Blend retreat but we’re taking a few extra days to explore Rocky Mountain National Park, Boulder & Denver!
  • Rugs for Under $300–> Love the textured neutrals
  • If I’ve mentioned it once, I’ll mention it a thousand times. This is gold to me this year.
  • I literally do not understand the debate over this dress.. Is this really news nowadays?! Don’t we have more important things to discuss in the news?! crazy.

Well TGIF friends!! Enjoy your weekend!! XOXO

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  • Heather

    ok ok ok Colorado, and you didn’t even mention seeing me?!
    Karma… 😉

    • Brittany

      HAHA! I mean it’s so obvious that I’m excited to see you that I don’t even need to mention it! 😉

  • lindsay

    you so need a TRX! we travel with it! and thanks for sharing the bacon LOVE! <3 xxoo

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