Fun Five Friday

A collection of my favorite posts/pins/tweets from 5 of my favorite categories I have found over the past week. Plus a few fun random blurbs, obviously.

1. Food–>

Mint Chocolate Stout Float Shooters

2. Fitness–>

Fitness Round-Up | Britt's Blurbs

3. Fashion/Beauty–>

Fashion/Beauty Round-Up |  Britt's Blurbs

  • I have this constant battle between wanting to cut my hair into a long bob and keeping it naturally layered long. Ugh the decisions.
  • Alright ya’ll have heard me share my excitement about Old Navy lately and this is the pant I’m currently so obsessed with. I’m debating ordering two more pairs in different colors/patterns because they’re the perfect fit, are so comfortable and stretchy and look great for work!
  • Monthly Beauty Buys–> I’ve been looking for a good nighttime moisturizer and this Hope in a Jar sounds like something I should try!
  • Have I raved about my airbrush make-up applicator yet?! I received it as a Christmas gift and it’s a LIFE SAVER when you need complete coverage!
  • Can they just make a mega container of the Detox Dry Shampoo yet?!

4. Faith–>


Faith | Britt's Blurbs

5. Fun–>

TGIF Friends!! Have a great weekend!!

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