Fun Five Friday

Hi Guys!

Happy Fridayyyyy! I’m so surprised how fast this week went by. And I am beyond excited because my parents arrive TONIGHT! I love visitors and can’t wait to spend the week with them! Thankfully the weather is going to be nice here in the south for the next week. Cooler but no rain in the forecast!

Instead of my typical Fun Five Friday round-up I’m doing a short n’ sweet one.


1. Adele’s new album is out in case anyone needed a reminder!!!!!!!!!!

2. My work is having a Thanksgiving potluck today! Speaking of work, I honestly could not be happier. I’ve been here 60 days already and am so thankful!

3. I’m looking forward to decorating my Thanksgiving table. Is that weird?!

4. Have any of my Atlanta area friends ever visited the Botanical Gardens for the holiday lights display? We’re thinking about going!


5. A quick Chats updated… We’ve had her for two months now and she’s doing GREAT! All caught up on her vaccinations, worms are gone, she’s gained weight back to a healthy size and her coat looks much healthier. She continues to wake me up every morning at 4 but she’s so sweet and playful. Her favorite activities include hiding under the bed to play, wrestling with us, running through the house and of course sleeping.. a lot. (Don’t mind the ugly checkered couch… yeah, I can’t wait until we get a sectional.)

Have a great Friday! XOXO

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