Fun Five Friday

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Happy Friday Friends!!

Today is an untraditional “Fun Five Friday” post with some random blurbs… because, well, after today I’m on vacation for A WEEK! Woo-hoo!

  • B and I are celebrating our Christmas together either tonight or tomorrow morning since I’ll be flying to Michigan for Christmas. Is it pathetic to say I’m excited for Chats to get her new toys?!
  • I am now a VIB member with Sephora. Pathetic as well? Nah, not until I hit ruby. With that comes a free make-over I’m cashing in on Saturday!
  • Speaking of Saturday it’s full of fun with a gift exchange with B’s family, my make-over and then my company Christmas party! It’s a masquerade so I had to order a pretty mask for the event!
  • So our dishwasher.. as many of you read in my Instagram post Wednesday night, our dishwasher went ca-put. Apparently there was a slow leak under it for awhile which eventually started running under our kitchen tile. UGH UGH UGH. Well that meant pulling the old dishwasher out, cleaning all of the mold behind it and on the cupboards, tearing up the tile that had water under it, drying everything and installing a new dishwasher. I’m happy to report that HEY it could have been worse! And things are on the mend. Just what awful timing!
  • Have you started listening to the new season of Serial? Obsessed. It should be noted that I’m equally as obsessed with Dave Ramsey. I’m such a nerd. Embracing it!

Have a great weekend! The next time I pop in to say “hi” I’ll be in the Mitten state! XOXO

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