Fun Five Friday

1. Food –> Among some of my favorite salad recipes for Memorial Weekend, I think I found a great appetizer. Fresh asparagus and ricotta cheese sounds like a blissful combination of fresh and savory ingredients!

Appetizer Idea



2. Fitness –> Hello Summer Arms. This looks rough but in a good way. Bring on the push-ups!

Arm Workout



3. Fashion–> Doesn’t this weekend mark when it’s “technically” okay to wear white again in the fashion world? And I quote technically because I am far from a fashion guru. I would rather shop at a grocery store then a mall.. #truth. However, I love all things lace, eyelet and white. So I love this look. I’ll wear it whenever I please thank you very much fashion police!



4. Faith –> Always have a little faith in yourself. You’ll pull through just fine.

Say Yes



5. Fun –> My parents are here for the long weekend! They got in yesterday and I can’t WAIT to go on lots of adventures with them. Just after this whole work thing today… Expect my Instagram to be flooded with pictures of our activities!

Have a great Friday!

XOXO. Britt

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