Fun Five Friday

1. Food–>

caulifloweralfredo 4994   Cauli power Fettuccine “Alfredo” (Vegan)

2. Fitness–>


3. Fashion/Beauty–>

Edith Head

  • DIY Chunky Knitted Cowl— I finished another DIY project! This is the year of #tryingtobecrafty.
  • Hair Chaulk?!— thoughts on this? It’s pretty cool for a one day edgy look but I’m not so sure I would ever wear this.
  • 5 Make-Up Brushes for Different Applications— One of my “personal” goals of 2014 is move towards organic makeup and face care. I also want to start using better brushes to apply my makeup rather than the small brushes that come in the containers.
  • Green Pants— Love this cozy neutral look and the green pants. A great transition from winter to spring apparel.
  • Favorite cold weather running gear? GO! I have some Under Armour cold weather running leggings but need another pair that’s a bit thicker.

4. Faith–>

Faith | Britt's Blurbs Let what light’s you up light your way. Be the light for others to look up to. 

5. Fun–>

Prop Storage

  • Prop Storage— because this is every foodie/food bloggers dream.
  • Anddd I signed up for another 5K next weekend! I think they’ve got me & the bf hooked!
  • Also fun— I’m trying a full-fledged boxing class this weekend! The bf (let’s call him “B”.. Yep, we both have the same first initial so naturally he fits in well here on ‘the blurbs’) boxes all the time and is pretty darn good at it so he’s convinced  me to give it a try!
  • Because it’s a 2014 goal to reorganize and de-clutter my life I geek out over organizational tips n’ tricks!

Can't stop laughing

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  • Katie

    Hah, that kitty at the end made me laugh. Thanks for the link!

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