Happy 4 Years to Britt’s Blurbs

April is a big month for me. It’s my birthday month. It marks when I moved to Georgia. And it marks when I started this little (big) hobby of mine, Britt’s Blurbs

I cannot believe it’s been four years. Really, it blows my mind. 

Britt's Blurbs Logo

This blog has brought so much to my life. It brings me the opportunity to share my passion for health and wellness to you all. A place for us to connect on one common goal. 

It’s brought me experiences I could have never imagined. Such as blogger retreats, restaurant reviews, blogging/foodie conferences, introduction to amazing brands, connections with my community, features in magazines, etc. It’s brought me new “digital friends” who I share this blogger journey with.

It’s taught me skills that I continually work to develop such as photography, recipe creation, design, and content writing. It’s provided experience to aid me in my professional career outside of this blog. 

I really am so thankful, even though it’s TOUGH. I mean tough to maintain a blog with a life, full-time job, family, friends, etc. I’m thankful I do it. I’m never ashamed to admit that I’m a blogger because it’s so much more than just typing things on the internet. It’s providing a community for others passionate about health and wellness and providing content to help others achieve their goal of a simplistic, healthy life. 

So where does Britt’s Blurbs go from here?

Every year on my “blogiversary” I like to sit back and write a few goals out for the year to come. What I want to see happen and what I have in the works. So here’s what I can share with you all:

1. Partnership with Southerly Magazine:

Southerly Downtown Marietta | Britt's Blurbs

I can finally share this SUPER exciting news with you. I will be partnering and writing for Southerly Magazine: Downtown Marietta to write their farmers market section complete with a farmer vendor review and recipe creation. This magazine is an amazing resource to connect all of the great shops, restaurants, and farms that make downtown Marietta so special and I could not be more excited about this. I’ve fallen truly in love with the Marietta Square and the close-knit community so I can’t wait to become a part of it more. 

2. Newly Designed Website:

Britt's Blurbs Website Redesign

I think I’ve briefly mentioned this before but I’ve been working HARD with a designer friend of mine over the past few months to totally revamp the blurbs. Lots of behind the scenes work has been going on that you probably haven’t noticed but totally geeky stuff that needed to happen. Like SEO revamping, recipe category reorganizing, domain switching(!), etc.

We’re also working on a completely new look to make your experience navigating the site and finding content MUCH easier. Ugh, I know, it’s horrible how complicated it is right now. But have no fear, this new site is going to be so wonderful!

So domain switching? YES. Years ago when I started the blog the domain brittsblurbs.com was taken so that’s why I used brittsblurbs.com. Well we found that brittsblurbs.com finally opened up so you betcha I snatched that up! Once we get done setting everything up you’ll be able to use either domain to access the site. HOLLA! About time.

3. Email Newsletters & Subscriptions:

For all of my lovely email subscribers (thank you!) you probably saw that I switched my blog RSS emails. You’ll find them coming to you with a nice, pretty header, and more personalized email. 

With that new email service, I’ll be able to send periodic ebooks to my subscribers and various e-blasts. You can subscribe to receive email updates HERE.

4. More Videos:

My goal this year is to get better and better at creating higher quality recipe videos. I created two this past year, Polenta Pizza Bites and Mini Caramel Apples, but they could use lots of improvement. I don’t have a video camera which makes shooting with my DSLR difficult to capture high quality audio and video but thankfully (in my job outside the blog) I work with a great videographer so he’s given me lots of tips for improvement. That’s a major goal for this coming year.


It’s so fulfilling when an idea becomes reality for four years and I am so excited to see where things continue to go. I couldn’t have done this without your support of the blog so THANK YOU. Here’s to another year of blurbin’!

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