Lovin’ My Veggies {WIAW}

Hi Friends! Happy WIAW!

Love your veggies month. Now, I can get on board with that! I’m really trying to sneak in my extra greens for my new year, new me goals but alas, yesterdays eats do not seem to represent that well do they?!

Oh well, they were still delicious! Here they are…


Breakfast | Britt's Blurbs

Okay so my pancake flip did not turn out as well as Sunday’s. Sighhh. There’s always hope for next time. I did add in some extra veggies to “bulk up” this one by adding mashed sweet potatoes. I combined it with two eggs, 1 scoop of protein powder, 1 tbsp. flax and 1/2 mashed banana. Topped with a drizzle of peanut butter and side of blackberries! YUM. Great fuel & post-workout recovery.

{Mid-Morning Snack}

Mid-Morning Snack | Britt's Blurbs

Coffee & a clementine. Love my mug?! Me too. Oh and it’s finally official, my diploma arrived! Three cheers for being an official college grad! … Now onto the next step in life!


Lunch | Britt's Blurbs

So I completely forgot to take a picture of my lunch. Ugh. What I can tell you was that it looked an awful lot like last nights dinner (without the re-fried beans) which was Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas but I had one over a huge pile of spinach (lovin’ my veggies month!!).

{Mid-Afternoon Snack}

Snack | Britt's Blurbs

One of my Vanilla Coconut Protein Bars & an apple!


Brinner | Britt's Blurbs

Last night was a “Brinner” night! And just as awesome, it was National Pancake Day yesterday! Glad we celebrated accordingly without even knowing! We made Honey Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes served with turkey bacon and a dish of freshly chopped fruit. I sprinkled peanut butter and buckwheat groats over my pancakes!


I’m on my way up to Marquette this morning to tag along with my dad on a quick business trip and visit some friends! Have a great Wednesday!

XOXO. Britt

Did you celebrate National Pancake Day? Favorite pancake flavor?

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  • Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

    Now I really, really, REALLY want some pancakes!! Thanks a lot! 😉

  • Eating 4 Balance

    Those pancakes look amazing. Love all of these food holidays!

    My favorite pancake flavor would probably be buckwheat.

    • Brittany

      Ooo buckwheat panckaes?! I’ll have to give those a try!

  • Heather @fitncookies

    I never thought to add a sweet potato to pancakes! That looks delicious and I am going to have to try it! I am always looking for ways to healthify a pancake! Haha

    • Brittany

      So delicious! You’ll love it!

  • Shel@PeachyPalate

    I’m a pancake nut, I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite 🙂

    • Brittany

      I know, it is so hard! I’d say I also love blueberry and chocolate chip OF COURSE!

  • Ali @ WHOLEistically Fit

    That sweet potato pancake pic pretty sums up my pancake flipping skills. Hehe. Glad I’m not the only one. 😉 Mmm the enchiladas and the protein bar both look delish!

    • Brittany

      The protein bar is DELISH! Packed with power but such a sweet treat!

  • Lift, Sleep, Eat

    Mmmm your pancakes look goood! Im not particularly great at flipping pancakes either :(..although my skills have improved with time heh 😉

    • Brittany

      I’m hoping mine will too! Though it doesn’t seem too promising at this rate! Haha

  • Deirdre

    I am so not good at the pancake flip. It’s like an art or a skill, yanno?! Sheesh. Looks good in the belly-eats neighborhood. Cheers from WIAW 🙂

  • Kaitlin

    I celebrated with my own two ingredient pancakes but love pumpkin so I’ll have to give that a shot!

    • Brittany

      Pumpkin is GREAT in pancakes! Let me know what you think!

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