Marvelous In My Monday

So, what’s MARVELOUS in my Monday?

Last time I’ll shout it out .. ONE MORE WEEK till I’m done! Apologize in the advance for the lack of excitement here on the blog this week. I promise I have many great things for the blog planned after graduation!

What a weekend! Lots of studying but lots of time spent with good friends. Have to squeeze it all in while I still can!

I had a little stress-relief pampering by getting a haircut, found some awesome purple bok choy at my co-op, started checking lots of my end-of-semester “to-do” list (note the tassel hanging as encouragement!) and I took a relaxing bubble bath Saturday night. I can’t even explain how nice it was to just forget about all my stress for a little awhile.

I’ve learned it’s so important to treat yourself to the little things. Those things build and lead to an overall happier disposition!

Also today marks one week left in Best Body Bootcamp! Last week definitely kicked my booty and left me sore into the weekend! I can’t wait to sign up for the next round!

MARVELOUS Monday Mantra..

Be Happy!

Have a great Monday friends. Catch ya after my exam!

XOXO. Britt

What are you doing to stay happy this Monday?

I just filled up my Christmas coffee mug with some Christmas blend.. and it’s snowing! Holiday bliss!

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  • Jessie

    Ah, how exciting!! Good luck getting through this last week girl =)

  • Katie

    How awesome! So happy for you!! Almost graduation time! <3

  • Devon @ Health in Equilibrium

    Hang in there!! I’m writing an exam in about 45 minutes, but I always stop studying an hour before to relax my brain. I’m done on Friday though. You can do it!

    • Brittany

      Good luck with everything too!!

  • Julie

    Keep going! Almost there – it’s so exciting!

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