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Happy Monday!

Hope you’ve had a MARVELOUS weekend. Mine was BUSY; full of Halloween fun Friday, checking out the new Barre3 Studio in East Cobb Saturday and LOTS of errands/working on putting all the design pieces together for B’s bathroom renovation project!

Halloween | Britt's Blurbs

Friday night ended up being cold and rainy so B and I only handed out candy to a few kids in his neighborhood. Such a bummer!

Barre3 East Cobb Studio Review via Britt's Blurbs

As I mentioned Friday, I was invited to the new Barre3 Studio in East Cobb to review a class and the studio itself.

The studio is absolutely beautiful! They have a play area for kids so parents can enjoy a class without worrying about the kids. There’s also plenty of locker/seat storage for your bags and shoes. The back of the studio is the workout room that’s spacious and can accommodate large groups without everyone feeling “on top” of one another. They provide you with all of the equipment you need a Barre ball, weights, a mat and towels.

Barre3 East Cobb Studio Review via Britt's Blurbs

The studio is owned by Izabela (to my left) whom I’ve met prior at the free community class I attended a few months ago. Jessica (to my right) taught the class I attended Saturday morning. She was fantastic!

After only attending one other Barre class I was a bit intimidated at first since I wasn’t sure of “the moves” or how the class would flow. But immediately at the start of the class I felt instantly calm and Jessica did a great job leading us all through each set. There were so many variations of the exercise moves that you really made the class what worked FOR YOU. Which I loved. I focus a lot on strength training and running so Barre helped me refocus on stretching, strengthening and toning in new ways.

I also loved how Jessica pointed out certain moves that help alleviate lower back pain. That’s something that runs in my family and I personally struggle with so I was excited to hear that ever since she started Barre3 her lower back pain had basically vanished!

Barre3 East Cobb Studio Review via Britt's Blurbs

After the class they sent me home with a wonderful goodie bag with a ceramic mug, organic tea, complimentary class cards, a resuable shopping bag and a Georgia Barre3 tank top! Love it!

Thanks again Barre3! I’m so happy to have been introduced to this and can’t wait to start incorporating it into my daily exercise routine. Barre3 has a number of workouts online that I’m sure I’ll use since I travel so often!

Have you ever given Barre3 a shot?! I highly recommend it for those of you looking for a fun new workout!

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