National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month! Obviously, one of my favorite topics! This year’s theme is “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right”.



Often times, “health foods” get a bad reputation for tasting like “cardboard” or “bird food”. But healthy food does NOT have to be boring or tasteless. Eating real food gives you the ability to get creative with your meals and combine fruits, veggies, lean meats and grains into delicious combos.

As you know, my passion is sharing recipes that are not only good FOR YOU but taste delicious. I love educating others on choosing local produce close to home and creating delicious meals with it.

To me, Enjoying the Taste of Eating Right means eating farm fresh foods. I believe there’s nothing better than biting into a juicy organic strawberry or buying your eggs right from the local farmer. There’s also great joy in growing your own vegetables and herbs. How can you beat walking out to your garden, picking your spinach and making a fresh salad with it?

Enjoying the Taste of Eating Right means feeling the difference in how your body feels after it is fueled with fresh ingredients. You feel powerful. Energetic. Your skin glows. You come alive.

Enjoying the Taste of Eating Right means sharing the joy of farm fresh cooking with my loved ones. I grew up in a family that loved to cook healthy food and we always sat down for dinner together every night to enjoy it. That is a trait that I cherish dearly and has become an important aspect of my life. I always try to make the time to make a fresh dinner for myself. Finding a guy that cherished that trait just like I did is such a special feeling. B and I have so much fun going to the local farmers market/Whole Foods Store, buying our ingredients and preparing a date night delicious meal.

Enjoying the Taste of Eating Right also means to me to live a little. I don’t deprive myself of desserts or bad carbs. I fuel my body with delicious foods 80% of the time and if I’m out and want to enjoy a doughnut, piece of pie, etc, I let myself! Depriving yourself of these little treats is unhealthy. You’ll want those nutritious foods even more after you notice just how that doughnut makes you feel after you eat it!

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Here are some of my tips for sneaking in a little more nutrition into your day:

  • Replace a “bad carb” at dinner with a healthy one.–> Such as replacing bread, noodles, white potatoes with a sweet potato, brown rice or vegetable noodles.
  • Replace a morning pick-me-up ¬†latte/doughnut with a piece of fruit & handful of nuts. You’ll notice just how much more energized you’ll feel without the sugar crash later on.
  • EAT BREAKFAST. Your momma was right when she always told you to eat your breakfast! It starts your day off on the right foot and provides you lasting energy. Even if you’re in a hurry pack a banana and a homemade granola bar. SOMETHING is better than nothing.
  • Replace the fruit juice in a smoothie with real frozen fruit and a handful of greens. If you’re making smoothies you’re on the right track but be cautious of the ingredients you add. Adding real fruit and vegetables gives you far more nutritious value than sugary fruit juice or concentrate.
  • Finish your meal with a piece of fruit instead of that office coffee cake or piece of dessert. The fruit will satisfy your sweet tooth without the added fat refine sugar gives.

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Start today to make this month your most nutritious month yet! Remember, it’s all about planning ahead and staying positive. Once you start incorporating real food into your daily diet your body will thank you for it!

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