October is Non-GMO Month

Happy Thursday Friends!

Just popping in for a quick note this morning… Happy Non-GMO Month!

October is NON-GMO Month

A topic near and dear to my heart. I posted last year a bit more in-depth about GMO’s but just wanted to shed some light on it again this year.

GMO’s are plants or animals that have been genetically modified with DNA from bacteria, viruses or other plants and animals.

Sick. This is not what I want in my food nor the future food of our society. This is why I am such a HUGE proponent of farm to table cooking and bringing REAL FOOD back to America’s dinner table.

Take a look at the ingredients listed in the products you put in your shopping cart. Do you really want to put some of that in your body? Your loved ones? Your children?

I encourage you this month to get educated on what GMO’s are and how to avoid them. Simply read food labels, shop your local farmers market and shop the exterior walls of the grocery store. Buy and eat real food and your body and the world will reap the benefits.

Thankfully there are some really great brands out there that are 100% GMO free making our shopping life a little less stressful.

You have a right to know and choose what products you want to purchase so I encourage you to get educated on this topic and shop GMO free.

 Share this message with your friends to spread the knowledge! XOXO


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