Planning the fall harvest

Planning for the fall harvest early with seeds, garden bed prep, and making new signs.

Can you believe that it’s already time to start saying goodbye to summer produce? I’m officially down to just habaneros, jalapeños, and a few cherry tomatoes left in the garden. 

Planning the fall harvest | Britt's Blurbs

So if you’re looking for super spicy habaneros, come on over! It’s seriously shocking how many I have. There’s only so much salsa a girl can make in a week!

Now that my summer produce is on its way out, it’s time to start planning for the fall harvest. 

How to prepare for a fall garden

  1. The first thing I did in my summer garden beds was to pull out any of the plants that were dead or no longer producing. 
  2. I then raked out any of the leftover roots.
  3. I bought some organic vegetable plant food and sprinkled that in the beds.
  4. Then I added some fresh organic soil into each bed and mixed it in with the plant food.
  5. Letting the soil and plant food mix in for a week helped to prep the dirt to be nice n’ healthy for when I planted my seeds.
  6. Next, I organized what plants I wanted in what bed. Since I had problems with squash bugs killing off my zucchini I had to avoid planting the fall squash in that bed so I planted onion and kale there instead.
  7. To plant the seeds I tried the method of digging a 1-inch row/trench and sprinkling the seeds in the row. 
  8. I watered for about 30 minutes then let nature do it’s thing for the past week making sure to water each day for 25 minutes if it didn’t rain.

Planning the fall harvest | Britt's Blurbs

And guess what… I already have sprouts! Woo hoo! Planting your fall crops towards middle to the end of August gives them about a 6 week period to really sprout and grow and start producing by October. 

What to grow for a fall garden:

Now comes the fun part! I have:

  • Carrots and beets in one garden bed
  • Spaghetti squash and acorn squash in one bed
  • Onion and kale in one bed
  • Green and purple cabbage in one bed
  • Swiss chard and spinach in one bed

I’m already thinking of planting a few more things once I pull out my tomato plants! My pumpkin plants that my neighbor gifted me didn’t survive the “attack of the squash bugs” so maybe I’ll try that where the tomatoes currently are. 

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Are you planting for fall? What are you planting?

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