Saturday Sweat- Britt’s Bootcamp- Chest & Shoulders Workout

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Happy Saturday Friends!

Hopefully you’ll be gettin’ your sweat on soon! I’m currently probably either getting ready to run, running my trail 5k or have ran it by the point you read this! What a fun way to kick-off my Saturday and for a great cause. It benefits the Healthy Moves initiative for Cobb County teaching families and children about health and overall wellness. There’s an expo after the race so I’ll be there represent ‘the blurbs’!

Today’s boot-camp inspired workout focuses on your chest & shoulders. I find boot-camp workouts SO fun so I tend to fly through the rounds working up a really great sweat!

To note: medicine ball slams are one of my favorite things. It’s like venting and exercise all combined into one!

Remember: start with a warm-up to loosen up the muscles before beginning to lift. I like to start with either a HIIT on the treadmill or rowing machine.

Saturday Sweat- Britt's Bootcamp- Chest & Shoulders Workout via Britt's Blurbs

Here are examples of each move in case you need reference:

Have a great Saturday!! Make the most of your day!

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