Saturday Sweat– Explore By Foot!

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Happy Saturday!

I love travelling not only because it’s always an adventure but because I find so much joy in learning about different cultures, new cities and what makes all places unique.

One of my favorite ways to get out a really SEE a new place I’m visiting is by taking a walk. I love walks in general. B always jokes about how much I love going on walks. 

But seriously, walking does not cost anything. And if you’re safe with a group of people. It’s a MUCH cheaper way to see places than to drive around or pay for really expensive tours.

Morning runs, lunchtime strolls or evening walks, there’s an opportunity to just GET out and see new things.

My two favorite ways is to get a good morning run in — hello craving running along the waterfront in Petoskey in just a few days– and two, afternoon walks that involve ice cream. Uh hello, why not indulge on vaca?!

This morning B and I took a nice run through a system of running trails near our hotel. It was such a nice way to see the local area, let alone wake up for a busy wedding day for our friends!

Saturday Sweat | Britt's Blurbs

I hope to do a mini recap tomorrow about our time in Minneapolis before we’re off to Michigan for the rest of our trip!

Enjoy your Saturday!

What’s your favorite way to fit in fitness while traveling?

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