Saturday Sweat- Putting In the Effort

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Happy #SaturdaySweat Friends!

Okay we’re going to have a little tough love post today. This is especially directed at myself for motivation to keep pushing.

Years ago, when I first started on my journey towards a healthier lifestyle I believed that if I just showed up to the gym that counted as my workout. If I just was present it was good enough. But it’s certainly not.

I realized I was not only wasting my time but my effort.

Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat


It breaks my heart to see those hoping to change their fitness levels just “showing up” to the gym. Just sitting there casually riding the bike. Just slowly plugging away at the elliptical. Sure, I might not know if they’re injured or not but a majority of the time I believe they can do SO much more for themselves, especially for the health of their body.

Our bodies are amazing vessels that are built to be pushed. We get stronger both mentally and physically every time we push a little more. I always try to remind myself in the middle of a hard cardio workout or strong weight workout that this is only a small portion of my day. The workout will be over soon and I’ll feel the incredible endorphin rush and feeling of accomplishment that comes after a strong workout.

We want to put in the effort to LIVE our lives. Not just casually ride through them. This pertains to your workouts as well. Put in the effort. Work up the sweat. And good things WILL come to those who just stay dedicated and positive.

Now I’m off to work up a sweat on a morning trail run with B!

Enjoy your Saturday!

How are you getting your sweat on today?

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