Saturday Sweat– Rowing

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Happy Saturday Sweat!!

Today we’re talking a little about Rowing. No not rowing a boat. Rowing as in the rowing machine at the gym.

Rowing machines have been mega popular due to cross fit and now there and specific rowing fitness studios popping up all over!

I’ve been using the rowing machine more often than I ever have before. Especially on mornings before I work any upper body muscles. Not only it is a good alternative cardio option but it helps loosen up my muscles before I start lifting weights. PLUS it’s SO important for us to mix up our fitness plan every so often so we can use muscles we may have not been using before. That’s one of the keys to overall body strength.


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Here are some key benefits to rowing:

  • It’s a low impact, high calorie form of cardio. It puts less stress on your joints than running or walking so if you have joint problems this may be the machine you need to check out!
  • Alternatively, it helps strengthen those joints because of the wide range of motion!
  • You work your whole body all at once– arms, back, legs, core
  • It’s a cardio + strength workout in one. Win win!

How to Row:

  • You begin with your legs compressed and your shins vertical. Your legs push back and initiate the powerful drive of the row.
  • As your legs straighten your body will form a wide V.
  • When your legs are almost straight (remember: keep knees slightly bent and soft), pull the handle into your chest using your arm, back and chest muscles
  • Allow handle to pull you forward- arms straight- then bend knees back to start

So don’t be scared to try a new machine–> especially the Rowing Machine. Jump on and give it a shot. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the workout you get!

Enjoy your Saturday friends!

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