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Happy Saturday Sweat friends!

Okay FINALLY I’m recapping Phase 1 of the Shortcut to Size program. As I stated when I started this program over a month ago, I’m following the plan very “loosely”. So to speak. I’m doing most of the strength sets and reps but adding in and subtracting a few different moves to make the plan custom to ME and what works best for my body. I’m also doing HIIT warm-up runs, rowing and adding in two full endurance cardio days a week.

{Phase One}

“During weeks one and two of each phase of the program, you will do a rest-pause set as the last set of each exercise. To do this, reach muscle failure on the last set, then rack the weight and rest 15 seconds. Then continue the set until you reach muscle failure again.”

{Week One}

Monday- Chest, Triceps, Calves–> High reps (12-15 for chest & tricep exercises and 25-30 for calf exercises)
Tuesday- Back, Biceps, Abs–> High reps (12-15 for back &bicep exercises and 25-30 for ab exercises)
Wednesday- Run, Stair Climber, Abs
Thursday- Legs/Abs–> High reps (12-15 for leg exercises and 25-30 for ab exercises)
Friday- Shoulders/Traps/Calves–> High reps (12-15 for shoulder and trap exercises and 25-30 for calf exercises)
Saturday- Rest Day
Sunday- Trail run

{Week Two}

Time to hit the muscles with a little heavier weight. If I couldn’t perform the 9-11 reps I did a couple reps heavier then dropped down to the weight I was using in week one.

Monday- Chest, Triceps, Calves–> Medium reps (9-11 for chest & tricep exercises and 15-20 for calf exercises)
Tuesday- Back, Biceps, Abs–> Medium reps (9-11 for back &bicep exercises and 15-20 for ab exercises)
Wednesday- 30 min run, 25 min spin
Thursday- Legs/Abs–> Medium reps (9-11 for leg exercises and 15-20 for ab exercises)
Friday- Shoulders/Traps/Calves–> Medium reps (9-11 for shoulder and trap exercises and 15-20 for calf exercises)
Saturday- Yoga
Sunday- Rest Day

{Week Three}

This week brought on even heavier weights trying to up 5-10 lbs per lift if we could. Same as week two, if I couldn’t perform the 6-8 reps I did a couple heavier then dropped down to the weight I was using in week two as the heavier weight. It’s all about slowly building up!

Monday- Chest, Triceps, Calves–> Smaller reps (6-8 for chest & tricep exercises and 10-14 for calf exercises)
Tuesday- Back, Biceps, Abs–> Smaller reps (6-8 for back &bicep exercises and 10-14 for ab exercises)
Wednesday- 3 mile run
Thursday- Legs/Abs–> Smaller reps (6-8 for leg exercises and 10-14 for ab exercises)
Friday- Shoulders/Traps/Calves–> Smaller reps (6-8 for shoulder and trap exercises and 10-14 for calf exercises)
Saturday- Trail Run
Sunday- Rest Day

{Week Four}

The last week of phase 1 and we dropped to even lower reps with higher weights. Even though I had to repeat some weights for some moves from week 3 I felt that I could definitely see my strength pay off from building up for the past few weeks.

Monday- Chest, Triceps, Calves–> Smallest # of reps (3-5 for chest & tricep exercises and 6-9 for calf exercises)
Tuesday- Back, Biceps, Abs–> Smallest # of reps (3-5 for back &bicep exercises and 6-9 for ab exercises)
Wednesday- 30 minute run, 20 minute spin, 15 min abs
Thursday- Legs/Abs–> Smallest # of reps (3-5 for leg exercises and 6-9 for ab exercises)
Friday- Shoulders/Traps/Calves–> Smallest # of reps (3-5 for shoulder and trap exercises and 6-9 for calf exercises)


Weeks 2-3 were definitely the toughest for me. I was upping weight but could barely handle it. However, it’s funny how alternating heavy strength sets with lighter strength sets really help build up a good foundation. By week 4 I was able to PR on a few different exercise moves!

Phase 2 of the program has you drop back down on weight only slightly and increase reps back to 12-15. We’re also changing up the types of exercises we do each day to keep our muscles guessing.

Overall this is a great program to follow as someone who loves to lift! It’s been teaching me new moves I would have never incorporated on my own and is giving me the courage to lift even heavier. It’s crazy the slight difference in definition I’m starting to see in my arms too!

If any of you are interested in following this program don’t be afraid to reach out to me with questions!

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