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Good morning!!

A few quick updates before I get into my latest “Willy Wonka” creation!

  • Leg is on the road to recovery! I’ve been able to run a little on it this week and have been paying close attention to wrapping and icing it. Hopefully I’ll be able to start working my running distance back up once the tendon is completely healed!
  • Apple Cider Vinegar—anyone drink it on a regular basis? I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and recently Powercakes and Brittany @ Eating Bird Food did posts on it. I’m trying to figure out when’s the best time for myself to take it since I work out early in the morning and do breakfast immediately following my workout. Can I take it after breakfast or does it have to be on an empty stomach?

Okay so ever since I visited the Kilwin’s Chocolate Factory my mind has been cranking with ideas to make my own chocolate treat. However, we all know how I like quick, easy and (for the most part) healthy creations so I didn’t want to spend forever in my kitchen developing some sort of chocolate delight.

Instead, I reached for two simple ingredients in my fridge. Summer’s ending with a bang and it’s back up into the 80’s here. I needed something to cool off!

Frozen Yogurt Fudge Dollops were calling my name!

What did I do?! Mixed em’ together and formed dollops on a cookie sheet. 1/2 cup Chobani, 2 tbsp. fudge sauce.


There’s nothing more to it. And honestly I don’t need a recipe to show you.

Freeze the dollops for about 30-45 minutes or until completely frozen.

Now, you have little dollops or “bites” of Frozen Yogurt Fudge!

Oops, looks like one’s missing a bite! 😉

Enjoy these as you soak up that last bit of summer sunshine!

Today is my last “Thursday/Friday”, next week I’ll go back to working Fridays. No more long weekends 🙁

Hope you have a great day!

XOXO. Britt

What’s your favorite “Willy Wonka” creation?

Do you drink ACV?

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