Why I’m Not Continuing With the Shortcut to Size Program

Hi Friends! Happy Wednesday!

Hopefully most of you get to head out early today and make your way to see family, friends and loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday. Before I take a little bloggin’ hiatus the next few days to really soak up my holiday I thought I’d do what I do best… a little blurbin’! Mostly to update you guys.

First and foremost, I’ve decided not to continue with the Shortcut to Size Program I’ve been following for the past 8 weeks.

I completed the Phase 2 portion of the program last week and honestly just felt drained. Physically and emotionally. I felt “locked in” and the past few weeks I practically dreaded going to the gym because I knew the same sets of exercises I was going to have to preform only to increase my weights each and every week.

One thing I’m a huge advocate of is finding your FUN in fitness. Finding what makes you happy and what you look forward to doing. The moment I feel locked in to something I know that’s a red flag. When it comes to fitness I love to try all sorts of things and keep my body guessing and I feel like I haven’t had the opportunity to do that in this program.

Don’t get me wrong, this program has been GREAT for building muscle quickly and increasing my weights. However, I’m not in any competition and don’t really need to build muscle so quickly. I did want a program to help me steadily build and tone even more muscle but I feel like this is just too much for me. I felt I had a great program going this past summer where I slowly increased my weights every few weeks. Not every week. I miss my long cardio days, I miss yoga, I miss doing random weight intervals. By the time I got to my cardio days in this program my muscles were so fatigued from the lifting it was hard for me to complete anything. I LOVE lifting but also love variation which I wasn’t getting. So it’s time for me to add that back in.

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I can’t stress it enough that it’s so important to just do what works for YOU in fitness. And for me that goes back to writing my own workouts (I had so much fun with that), doing 3 strength days, 2 cardio, 1 yoga/flex day and 1 rest day. I’m looking forward to changing up my strength training by adding in various exercise moves and creating more tabata and interval workouts.

So don’t ever think it’s lame to quit something you wanted to try. Heck, at least you tried it and learned it wasn’t for you! I’m such a happier camper with the freedom to do whatever the heck I want in my workouts!


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And in the spirit of Thanksgiving… I’m feeling so blessed for everything I have in my life right now. Family, friends, a wonderful boyfriend, a roof over my head, income, great health… I’m counting all my blessings. Although I have so many goals, hopes and dreams of where I want my life to be I’m so thankful for what I have at this moment.


Have a great Thanksgiving holiday! XOXO

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  • Roz

    I think you made exactly the right decision if you were dreading going to the gym!

  • Lindsay

    in the end, you know what’s best and what you ENJOY! kuddos friend

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