Why I’m Reducing My Supplement Intake

Quick little disclaimer here, I’m not a doctor nor a nurse however I do have one amazing RN as a mother so I consult her for all of my medical issues. So this is what’s working for me. Consult your physician before taking supplements or before you stop taking any. I’m always here though if you have any questions about my health journey.

I’m just going to put it out there that vitamins, supplements, etc, are CONFUSING. It’s not a joke when they say consult a healthcare professional.

When I entered college I was taking regular multivitamins almost daily since my momma preached it so much in our household growing up. However, after the first few months of college that slowly fell to the way-side along with my health. Not only did I lose touch of taking care of myself nutritional, physically and emotionally, but I stopped giving my body extra vitamins it needed especially since I wasn’t fueling it with proper nutrition.

Once I was diagnosed with IBS my sophomore year of college I started to focus back on improving my health. That included improving my supplement health as well, or so I thought.

I did a little research and headed to my local GNC to pick up the Active Vitapaks. (Now don’t get me wrong– GNC is a great company. I still buy many products from them today. In fact GNC is a client of FitFluential’s. This post is simply meant to discuss what I learned personally about my body and what supplements I can and can’t handle. REMEMBER: Your health journey is about what works for YOU.)

I took the GNC Active Vitapaks for about 3 1/2-4 years. Shelling out around $45 each month for a new pack. Crazy expensive, I don’t know why that alone didn’t stop me.
The Vitapak contained: a multivitamin (without Iron), an Energy Enhancer, CLA, L-Carnitine and Calcium 600.

On top of that I was taking a biotin vitamin, vitamin D and a B complex. Biotin to help with my hair and nails. Vitamin D to help with building strong bones. The B complex to help with my IBS and digestion.

I use to take the energy enhancer with my pre-workout snack and the rest of the vitamins after my breakfast.

It wasn’t until I went to my doctor this past year and she pointed out that I had too much vitamin D in my system.

After she mentioned this I spent awhile talking with my mother and doing research on my own to see if taking all of these supplements was counteractive to my nutritious, clean diet. I focus so hard on fueling my body with clean ingredients that perhaps pumping it full of extra supplements was almost “overdosing” it and canceling good nutrients out.


So I’ve stopped taking the GNC Vitapaks. I’d rather fuel my body with natural energy before a workout than continue to take the Energy Enhancer that’s not natural. As far as the rest of the supplements in the pack go, I’d rather get my nutrients from less pills and more food, personally.

I’ve switched to taking a natural women’s daily vitamin with iron and still am taking the biotin and b-complex for now. I’ve completely cut out the extra vitamin d. Soon I plan to cut out the b-complex next once my body begins to adjust to less supplements.

At first I noticed a slight drop in my energy from not taking the Energy Enhancer but since then my energy  seemed to actually increase. I’ve been feeling great and my body seems to appreciate letting it naturally extract the nutrients from the foods I eat instead of pumping it full of extra supplements.

Like I mentioned earlier, everyone’s different. I just feel it’s best for my body and wellness overall to cut out the “extra” supplements, take what I truly need and focus on my nutrition to make up for the rest!

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    I came across your blog from WIAW at Peas and Crayons, and I think I am hooked :). I liked this post, and I like that you mentioned you had too much vitamin D in your system. Vitamin D is a tricky supplement, and I definitely recommend people discuss with their physician before taking it.

    I take a lot of supplements as well, and I feel grounded with them at the moment, but I always think it is a good idea to re-evaluate every once in awhile. Thanks for sharing!

    • Brittany

      Thank you!! I’m so happy you found me! Welcome to ‘the blurbs’!!

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